Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday is for Books & Movies:

How can I be in the middle of watching two movies?

I don't know either, but technically I'm not anymore because I finished them both tonight. The first one I started one night this past week (Veronica Guerin, 2003) and then other I began last night (Evening, 2007).

Now the first is a story based on facts--specifically the death of a journalist in 1996, murdered by the Irish drug dealers she was investigating. A clever "line" from the film: I never thought they would shoot the messenger.

The second was originally a book--both the book and screenplay were written by author, Susan Minot. It's an emotional journey from the deathbed of a woman remembering a weekend which changed her life more than 50 years earlier. It got horrible reviews, but I liked it! We are mysterious creatures, aren't we?

I can consider either one for my next (and final) paper in Film.

Another Reason I love October:

14) The Bookstore. Okay, I know you can visit the bookstore anytime--this isn't a seasonal phenomenon. But, this girl can stay in a bookstore for HOURS...seriously, HOURS! So far this month alone I have racked up plenty of time amongst the books--specifically drinking coffee and STUDYING (today it was Bio II--Plants). It just feels right, to be surrounded by so many pages and topics while putting more knowledge into your brain. Besides, you never know what lovely book you'll pick up in the discounted section!

I've finished all the extra credit for this section, now I have 3 more nights to study for the exam (Thursday).

The fun never stops.


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