Friday, October 12, 2007

Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables:

So guess what's happening in less than a week?

My NEXT Bio II exam! Plants! The desperate life of Plants! Thursday, Thursday, Thursday! (lest I not mention the fact we still haven't gotten our first exam back--and we took it 16 days ago)

I learned some more "new" plant-y type things to share:

1) There is boy corn and there is girl corn (the corn plant has either male parts or female parts, NOT both so it is considered "imperfect")


2) When you are eating broccoli, the floret is biologically considered a fruit and the stalk is biologically considered a vegetable--so you are eating both your fruit & vegetable for the day at the SAME time!

Another Reason I love October:

12) New Television. I know I'm cheating a bit because most Fall shows premiered LAST month. But since I am either AT work or IN class until 9-10pm throughout the week there are a limited amount of shows I can actually follow (without TiVo).

One such show is BLOOD TIES on Lifetime and Season 2 starts TONIGHT! I simply adore it and I've decided NOT to be ashamed to admit it! (behold the beauty of Henry and Vicki)


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