Friday, October 19, 2007

Nevermore, Dr. John Carter:

Another Friday, so ends another week.

Guess what happened on the Bio II exam? NOTHING! It's been postponed until Tuesday. More time to study the Desperate Lives of Plants. I can NOT wait to move away from this subject. Animals, please.

We are halfway through the semester. I can hardly believe it. I was looking through the Schedule of Classes for Spring and it looks like one I need is not available then. What is a girl to do? Another short Summer class before officially starting at the University of Memphis?

And I am officially jealous (again) of all the real journalists working at the Commercial Appeal. They are in the midst of Hollywood and Noah Wyle (aka Dr. Carter from ER).

Let it be known to the world: I stopped watching ER when Dr. Carter left the show. So goes Noah Wyle, so goes Janet!

Another Reason I love October:

19) Nevermore. Edgar Allan Poe & October have always gone together in my mind. His Gothic imagery and general ability to cause one's pulse to quicken--simply by reading any of his work--is perfection.

We actually studied him in Southern Literature at UT-Knoxville, even though he is not traditionally thought to be a "Southern" writer. He was born in Boston, but due to tragic circumstance (death of his parents) was brought to live in Virginia. He is both the "father" of modern detective and crime fiction (my HS English teacher would be proud of me for pulling that one out).

My favorite tales:
The Tell-Tale Heart, The Cask of Amontillado,
The Masque of the Red Death, The Pit and the Pendulum

My favorite poems:
The Bells, The Raven and Annabel Lee


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El Escritor said...

Poe is awesome. Why don't you start at Memphis in the spring and go back and take that class you need at Southwest whenever it is offered there? You just need to get an extra transcript sent. At our age, time is of the essence!


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