Saturday, October 13, 2007

College Football Saturday:

Another Reason I love October:

13) College Football. I know, I know, I could've mentioned this topic DAYS ago, but I didn't actually get a chance to immerse myself is the madness until today.

Now I spent almost FIVE hours watching the LSU/UK battle with one of the greatest friends of ALL time. She has been an LSU fan basically since birth and so this was a tough loss. I included the logo for her, she'll read this and appreciate it.

(Also, I have to tell you--watching the game with the cutest little LSU fan you've EVER seen was a great plus)

But I have to admit I'm always a little soft-hearted for the underdog! (And another friend, who probably won't read this, is pretty much on top of the world with his team defeating the Tigers).

You win some, you lose some--HA!

Just kidding, I know better! I still remember watching the Tigers beat the Vols for the SEC Championship in 2001 then driving around afterward with my friend honking at anybody unfortunate enough to have ORANGE on their vehicle. She has proudly displayed Purple & Gold for as long as I've known her!

And since I do know better, I'll try not to mention the words 'Notre' and 'Dame' in the same sentence. But to you, my friend (if you happen to read this) remember the phrase "Rebuilding Season" I've used it before!

Just ask my '01-'02 Tarheels...and then they went on to win the NCAA Championship just 3 seasons later. Whoops! College Basketball gets it's own "reason" a little later in the month.



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