Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a little Verklempt!

So I got my algebra exam back today and I could barely croak out my score when asked by the ladies that sit around me. (I'm gonna miss them!) So I had to write it down. "+1". (My professor writes down the points out of 100 missed...so my first exam was a -5 aka 95%)


I actually only missed 1 point after switching to ink (and I got all of the bonus points)...and the silly points I missed (in pencil) were kinda embarrassing. Example: I know 20/5 (20 divided by 5 is FOUR but I decided to write 5 instead)...*insert laughter here*

So the moral of that story is....if it isn't broke, don't fix it. I might have to do my next exam in ink as well. Or maybe not.


Today in my Oral Comm class I felt as if I was on the show: Who's Line is it Anyway? You know the part near the end of the show where the comedians get random objects and have to come up with a new and interesting (and funny) use for said random item.

Well, we were divided into groups and given everyday kitchen tools and we picked our "audience" out of a bowl and then we had to formulate a persuasive speech (and present it) and the class had to decide WHO our "audience" the speech was directed toward...

Our group had to give a speech to "medical workers" (nurses, doctors, etc.) and we had these really red, really plastic set of salad tongs. So we turned our salad tongs into the newest surgical device that can be used in place of several operating instruments. It was the "3-in-1 sterile scissor scooper 2007 deluxe" or something like that and tried to "sell" it to our "medical audience."

Pretty cool! I'm gonna miss my Oral Comm class as well.


Equipment Failure:

Picture it, Yesterday, during my Algebra Exam:

I was moving right along, solving linear and quadratic equations like a pro! The Quadratic Formula and I were having a very deep and meaningful relationship when BAM! Equipment Failure!

My trusty purple mechanical pencil died. It just couldn't take all the numerical madness anymore. I started rustling about for another pencil or lead or something to get me out of this unexpected place. I didn't want to interrupt anyone but I couldn't find another pencil. Before complete panic set it, I turned to INK.

Now I've been doing all of my classwork and homework in INK, nothing new there. But all of a sudden I was second guessing myself. Then I got to last 20 percent of the exam where I had to solve, formulate and graph two equations...IN INK...the first one went well, but I completely messed up on the second and had to use WHITE OUT to erase incorrectly plotted points.

TRAGEDY! *insert the Bee Gees here*

I won't find out how I did for a couple more hours. I'm trying NOT to worry too much about it.

Also I paid tuition for the Fall semester yesterday (after the exam and before my second class). I even wandered around the bookstore briefly to get an idea about the cost of required books. I might actually try the whole "used text books" phenomenon on Amazon.com thing this time around.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday's alright for studying:

(and with this statement alone I can feel the letters G E E K become visible across my forehead)

I "slept in" this morning (past my normal 8am) and when my eyes finally popped open I realized my head was swimming with...snot (for lack of a better word). So I chased my AOC (antihistamine of choice) with my BOC (beverage of choice) and at this very moment I feel like I could "Rip-Van-Winkle-it" for at least 20 years...BUT I can breathe which is always a plus!

(note to self: benadryl still causes drowsiness even if coffee is involved)

Before this wave of drowsiness hit I was able to complete one section ( out of 8) from the algebra that will be on my exam Monday. I feel pretty comfortable right now with the material I need to know. (somebody mark this date down in history--wait! I guess I just did)

With only 7 class days remaining this session I am very, very, very excited! Although I will be extremely busy (2 algebra exams, 1 essay, 1 speech and two finals) I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (which includes THREE whole weeks without classes).

After my exam Monday I have to go to the "cashier's office" and pay for the Fall semester. Ack! I am taking 3 classes (Intro to Film, Art Appreciation, and Biology II) which equals 10 credit hours (the same amount I just completed) and so my fees due are very similar to the fees paid in May.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Two speeches down, one to go!

*insert much celebration here*

Before I gave my informative speech today (on "Why" you have to show your ID to purchase Pseudoephedrine products) I was practicing in an unknown, empty room in the same building my class meets in. I was, literally, reading over my key-word outline and timing myself when I felt something warm trickling from my nose.

Yes. I was so extremely nervous I got gave myself (?) a nose bleed.

Now I don't know all the medical "stuff" behind it, and I assume I was so "nervous" and with all of my "deep breathing" my nasal passages were just very dry and that's how it all happened--maybe? But it happened!

I rushed to find a bathroom and in the matter of seconds it had stopped. But now I was so focused on my nose bleed I really didn't have time to be nervous about the impending speech. Maybe this all worked toward my advantage.

My speech went off without any serious problems. I actually came very close to running over the time limit and left out a pretty important detail. Luckily when I finished the class was so into my speech they wanted to discuss my information and I got to answer questions and give the information I accidentally left out!

I didn't know I would get such a large response. I'm glad I did, apparently I picked a good topic and everyone trusted my information and delivery enough to ask questions (not questioning my information--but questions they personally had about the subject).

*insert more celebration here*

But now the celebration stops because I have to conquer Quadratic Equations tonight. No rest for the weary, right?


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Soft Pretzels:

I'm not exactly sure what this has to do with going back to school. I spent most of my Saturday studying for my second Algebra exam (tomorrow) so I would have time to play Sous Chef to my Mother for hours and hours today. This is a little collage of our "German Soft Pretzels"...the dough was made in a bread machine but everything else was "by hand." THEY WERE A HIT at the baby shower tonight!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

work work work work:

I know it's a good thing to wake up at about the same time EVERY day (even on a day off) but I was still a little upset when my eyes flung open before 8 this morning.

Now the term day off is just about as misleading as saying "Oxycontin isn't really THAT addictive" (I am so impressed with this outcome and I hope the drug is somehow reclassified because even with my limited--13 year--pharmacy experience I think it's prescribed WAY TOO MUCH) but I digress.

Even though I am not going to school or work I have a lot of school-work (and work-work to do).

1) My second speech. What? Already? This one will be longer and requires research but it isn't due until Wednesday...so it's getting pushed to the back of the pile for the moment (plus I already have an idea for it, think pharmacy).

2) My second algebra exam is MONDAY. Seriously? Somewhere around 10:45am Friday morning my poor little brain hit a numerical wall with a resounding THUD! I had been speeding right along with complete joy and then it happened. My algebraic confidence level has been knocked about a bit. I am not amused.

3) A essay about the Media is also due this Thursday (for oral comm since we are currently in the "electronic age"). This should be pretty easy for me to complete because we all know how I love to see myself type (and I get to refer to THIS very blog!).


4) Tomorrow evening I am responsible for the happy bellies of several important women. It's one of my best friend's baby shower! Her first child should be arriving in the next 14 days but not before she gets a chance to be surrounded by a lot of the people who love her dearly.

I WANTED to be in charge of the food, I am not complaining. But WOW! Scary and excited! We've discussed the menu and I'll be formulating a shopping list and hitting Sam's Club soon enough.

Zesty-Herb Citrus Glaze? Lemon Marinade? WHAT in the world am I going to marinade my chicken in? I can't just buy something (dietary restrictions) but I get to make one (or two) instead! These WILL be the greatest Chicken Kabobs in the History of the World.

(photos to follow?)


Monday, July 16, 2007

I have survived:

This morning I was running a little behind...and when I got into my car I noticed something I haven't seen in a while: my GAS LIGHT! What? When did I get so low on fuel? Between class everyday and working 6 days in a row I somehow forgot to pay attention to something as basic as my fuel gauge!


I rushed toward campus making mental notes of all the gas stations I would pass. As I pulled into the one I assumed would be the quickest to hit--danger, danger! They were working on something and I didn't even notice all the orange cones. WHOOPS!

So I had to back up and maneuver around, to get to another station (across the street). I noticed the time and knew I was DEFINITELY going to be late at this point. PANIC! At the pump I slide my debit card and tried to punch in the appropriate numbers but I was declined...TWICE! I couldn't read the screen for all the sunlight. I hurriedly found 5 single dollars and ran inside, waited in line, paid and then quickly fueled up. Thankfully I hit all the lights correctly but I was still almost TEN minutes late!

ALGEBRA EXAM! I was late on an EXAM day?

Our classroom is divided into two sections, one half with computers and one half where every one sits. I had to sit with the computers (as to not disturb anyone)...I was as quiet as a mouse, but it still took me about 2 minutes to calm down and get to it.

I know all the homework and studying I did (several hours yesterday) paid off because I felt very comfortable with the material. I hope we get our work back tomorrow! I am really looking forward to my score.

Which leads me to MY FIRST SPEECH!

After FINALLY deciding upon a topic (literally less than 12-hours before class) I woke up, and constructed a key word outline (to be turned in) rather quickly. So between my exam and my speech I had 1.5 hours to decide what exactly I wanted to say. I wrote out a mock speech in the library. I read the speech (and timed myself) a few times before actually going into the bathroom and performing in front of the mirror...SEVERAL times. Thankfully no one came in (confirming my madness).

While walking to class I came across the woman who was set to give her speech right before mine. I stopped and talked to her (we were both very nervous). She was waiting for a friend to come and listen to her, but that friend was running late and I offered to be her audience instead. She was worried about the length so I even timed her. I really think this helped us BOTH!

I got a little less nervous, but when we got to class and it was time for me to go--I could hear my heart pounding in my ears! But I made the class laugh a little when the Professor called my name (I was third) and I promptly said (completely nervous) "Uh, No!" The Professor said, "That's one way to get it out, laughing will work!" (talking about getting over the fear)

I made my way to the podium, completely confident in my words, but scared to death nevertheless. I looked out into the audience and took a few deep breaths and began.


I know what I wanted to say, I know what was written on my key word outline. I know I hit every point but I don't really recall actually speaking. Don't ask me to repeat myself, I can't. Is that weird? I kept eye contact with different people around the room, I started using my hands so it was very natural and conversational. About halfway through I had to stop, breath and then continue. I heard the "thunderous" round of applause when I finished.

BUT I won't really know HOW I was graded until TOMORROW.

That all said, I am QUEEN OF THE WORLD today.

How was your Monday?


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday afternoon and all is well:

I started a "new thing" this week, around 9:20 every morning right before entering my Algebra classroom, I quickly send a text message to as many people as possible about my impending challenge:

Tuesday morning: "I love the smell of Algebra in the AM"

Wednesday morning: "Algebra is my Sunshine!"

this morning: "Algebra rocks my world!"

The responses I've received from my seemingly simple messages has been outstanding! My friends KNOW how I feel about math. YOU know how I feel about math. I am trying to change my mind. Yes, I am trying to CHANGE my own mind! (and make others laugh along with me)

I've challenged myself to see Algebra as something MORE than really scary numbers and letters. I have been tripping over them since elementary school, so you might understand my fear. Guess what? IT IS WORKING! I am getting pretty good at this stuff. I am queen of my own Algebra world! If I had the bow of a ship available right now I'd be hollering at the top of my lungs!


And I am feeling a bit more confident about the public speaking too. I think. Maybe. It's coming to me...ideas are forming. Words are asking to be freed from my mouth (as opposed to "just" my fingertips). I'll be behind the podium in less than 24 hours talking about an assortment of items which represent myself. This should be fun!


p.s. My furry child has had a rough week. Buttercup's had an "upset tummy" with lovely messy side effects. It appears we're on the road to recovery. YESH!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


1) Good Hair vs The Pirate
2) after 5 sets, the hair had it.
3) Federer won his 5th Wimbledon title IN A ROW
4) He even changed into white trousers, and a white vest & jacket ON THE COURT and looked so fresh and so clean, clean after the almost 4-hour match.
5) Tennis players always amaze me.

1) Live Earth, yo.
2) I learned a lot of things I wasn't aware of...
3) example: UNPLUG YOUR CHARGERS when not in use!
4) (we're even recycling all the stock bottles at work now)
5) I think I've found a topic for my persuasive speech.

1) I watched CAN'T BUY ME LOVE (1987)
2) and was reminded of "high fashion" from decades ago!
3) so Patrick Dempsey has always had lovely hair,
4) but even McDreamy got better with age...

1) This is a bit premature,
2) we've only had two class meetings BUT
3) I absolutely ♥ ♥ my Algebra Professor, like for !
4) why has nobody ever taught math like this before?
5) I am in the midst of a Mathematical Epiphany.


Friday, July 6, 2007


01) I set my alarm clock incorrectly last night. It was set for 7:30PM instead of 7:30AM.

02) I realized this fact at 8:40AM when I woke up, looked at the clock--let out an expletive and stumbled to the shower.

03) I arrive on campus at 9:21AM after consuming NO COFFEE or food (don't worry, Buttercup got her complete breakfast--priorities, people!)

Elapsed Class time 9:25-11:10AM

04) I enter the library at 11:12AM with several pages of Algebra NOTES (yes, NOTES) and start on my first section of homework (yes, homework)

05) I rush into my Oral Comm class at 11:48AM with two minutes to spare. Fabulous! Class was less stressful than yesterday, maybe I'll manage.

Elapsed Class time 11:50-1:15PM (we got out early)

06) Arrive home before 1:35pm, and enjoyed my first cup o' coffee of the day and a quick lunch (and I brushed Buttercup, put ointment in her ears and gave her a monthly Heartguard Plus treat--again, priorities!)

07) I got online just in time to "Watch" Andy Roddick lose his Quarterfinal match at Wimbledon. Five sets, he won the first two, lost the last two in tie breaks and then lost the final set 6-8. (refrained from tears, it was a tough match!) OH! And Justine Henin (the number one women's player in the world) lost as well. Wow!

This is my Friday. I leave for Five hours of "Work" soon enough.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Rain in Spain does what?

So here I sit: at the library on campus waiting for my second class to begin.

Class one is done. (or technically the first class of class one is done)

Algebra may not be the most horrible thing ever, but that is my first impression give me time to look through the textbook. Our professor seems to have a handle on the subject and seems very intent on doing whatever it takes to see us through equations and exponents. We will go over 8 chapters (roughly 2 chapters per week) over the next 5 weeks. We took a department pre-assessment test sans calculator before leaving and I felt comfortable with at least half of it. WOO!

Brain don't fail me now.

Wimbledon 2007! Has anyone been paying attention? Apparently the rain in Spain falls mainly in England during the months of June and July NOT "the plain" as previously thought.

Poor Rafael Nadal (aka The Pirate--his pants during this tournament are actually shorter than they have been and could almost be considered "normal" tennis shorts) started a match on Saturday and due to numerous rain delays had to wait until yesterday to wrap it up! Of course he has already completed his 4th round match today and will be taking on Djokovic in the Quarters.

I wanted to "watch" Andy Roddick's match this morning via updates on my super mobile but it has been suspended due to rain. It hasn't even started yet!

Venus Williams is into the Semi-Finals already. It's just really neat to watch a Grand Slam event knowing that I've actually SEEN some of the competitors LIVE and in action (via the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships at the Racquet Club in February).

Time to go and hyperventilate before Oral Communications. Rambling about Tennis, YES! Public Speaking? Um, no.


Sunday, July 1, 2007

Getting to Know Me:

This is Me. Or how I chose to represent Me.

Front and center with my "wavy" locks and a cross I purchased years ago...alongside the little furry love of my life--Buttercup (could she be any cuter? the correct answer is No).

If you happen to be from Memphis you might be able to guess what is spelled out in candles down there in the corner. ELVIS! (I love him, I love him, I LOVE HIM!) Yes, I actually bought a gazillon tiny tea lights one sad August 15 and wrote out his name as the sun went down. My own little tribute.

See the Memphis Grizzlies t-shirt in the top corner? I bought it the day the new merchandise/colors/logo were revealed circa 2004. I went downtown and celebrated alongside a few hundred friendly fans and purchased it after watching a "fashion show" of new uniforms put on by players.

The fuzzy wooden beams are part of the sign above the entrance of St. Columba Episcopal Center on a very windy Billy Maher Road. It's the perfect place for a hidden spiritual retreat. You can watch the sunshine playing peek-a-boo through the trees and see some horses in a field before even entering the grounds.

Last, but certainly not least, I entered a few black and white photos into the Mid-South Fair photography competition a couple years ago and this was one of the shots I took while trying to find "the perfect picture." I didn't even use it for competition, but I remember fondly running about town trying to see things from different angles.

Count down to two new classes: less than 4 days from now.



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