Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Midterms & Soup:

My Film midterm has come and gone (all within the last 3 hours) and I am very happy with my "known" results. 70% of the grade comes from the first portion, which was graded while we were working on the essay question(s). I only missed TWO! Now I have to wait and see if my essay answers were detailed enough for the professor's liking.

I talked to my study buddy afterward and he did really well on the first portion as well (only missed three). Fantastic!

Now I can spend the rest of the night focusing on my Bio II quiz tomorrow. I feel pretty confident about it, thankfully!

Another Reason I love October:

03) Soup. Soup is Super! When I lived in Midtown there was nothing like making a big, huge pot of soup on the weekend and then eating it for dinner for the rest of the week. It's relatively "cheap" and very easy to simmer just about anything long enough to make it delicious. I made a great Sausage and Spinach Soup from Cooking Light this year and it's to DIE FOR...I recommend it!


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