Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An Apple a Day...

so it's Back to Classes tomorrow evening...I really enjoyed my *counting* 5-day hiatus from all the madness. There will not be another long break until the week of Thanksgiving. Then after that, we have just a couple weeks until Finals!

I am a bit curious as to what movie the class will chose to watch tomorrow night. One of our choices (the one I do NOT want to see) is over 3-hours long! *screams*

Another Reason I love October:

16) Apples. Yes, yes I know they are available all year round--but this time of year there are festivals where apples are picked and CIDER is made! I clearly remember going to Indiana as a Girl Scout in October to pick out a pumpkin, enjoy a hayride, and drink apple cider, made right there on the farm. It was a heavenly experience!

Interesting Apple Facts:
*Apples are actually members of the Rose family
*Apples are cultivated for either Eating, Cooking, or for Ciders
*more than half of the Apples sold in the U.S. are grown in Washington State

Lest we not forget one of the greatest Apple goodies....APPLE BUTTER! What? You haven't tried Apple Butter? I can't believe it! Get thee to your closest grocery store and look among the "jams & jellies"...it's so DELICIOUS!

Three more words: Caramel Apple Cider (Starbucks)....all of your allotted daily sugar never tasted SO GOOD!



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El Escritor said...

I have realized, in my almost thirty years on this earth, that if I say "[insert whatever you want here] is considered by some to be the finest... of all time" then nobody is going to dispute your claim and you will sound smart in the process. That being said, I think apple butter is considered by some (myself included) to be one of the finest condiments in existence today.


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