Monday, October 8, 2007

The Principles of Design:

Tonight we focused on 2 chapters (chiefly one) in Art Appreciation. The Principles of Design.

The Holy Family on Steps by Poussin (oil on canvas, 1648) is a great example of asymmetrical and symmetrical elements. It's a classic example of balance in Western art. Do you see the triangle form by the bodies?

Now look at the light hitting Joseph's foot (on the right) and draw a light to the top of Mary's head and you might see it better. I can't imagine the time and planning that goes into some pieces. Artist might be perceived as being "less" compared to lawyers or doctors (for example) but they are pretty "genius" in my book.

There are actually seven principles of design and I hope to have them down before our next chapter(s) test.

Another Reason I love October:

08) The Boys of Summer become the Men of October aka the World Series. Now don't hate me, but baseball is probably one my least favorite sports. Although I can become a rather appreciative fan in October. It really won't get super interesting for me until the end of the month, but just the idea of Andy Pettitte pitching Wednesday night has me rather excited (if the Yankees can pull it out tonight)!

Now, back to my Film paper. (I know, I need to get it done!)


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