Thursday, March 29, 2007

please mister postman:

(no, I did not just become a member of the Marvelettes...I can't sing!)

So everything has been sent and or faxed. I even got a text message telling me that UTK had processed and sent my transcripts. Wow, technology just boggles the mind.

I wait.

I wait.

I don't think I have actually EVER in my whole entire life typed/written the word BOGGLES.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

and so it goes:

Transcript(s), transcript(s), who's got the transcript(s)?

So I reapplied (online) to the community college and heard back within a week (letter). Woo! All I have to do now to make this thing official is have my college transcript(s) sent to them. Simple enough! I don't have to worry about my HS transcript again since I did that whole thing eons ago.

Everything seems to be going well in "back to college" land.

I have to say that the internet has really, really changed things in a short amount of time. You can basically apply for everything online now. I was able to request a copy of my UT-Knoxville transcript to be sent (and I printed out my request for the U of Memphis).

I've even been given a college email address already.
I'm so cool.


Monday, March 19, 2007

can I have a money tree?

When did college become so darn expensive?

I understand that education is priceless, but who knew it was so PRICEY!

If this was 1996, I could purchase NINE semesters for what it will cost me to pay for 4 semesters today. This is at a public university. It has literally DOUBLED. And I'm not even including BOOKS in this equation. This is straight out TUITION.

I am trying to do this all withOUT taking out another student loan. I'm working without a safety net. At least I don't see one right now!

Cross your fingers. Cross your toes.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Let the MADNESS begin:

Welcome to the beginning of my end.

After a 7-year "break" from all things "college" (not really, I still read/write/ procrastinate like a madwoman trying to finish a paper, but I digress) I have finally reached the point of absolute crisis.

I've had nightmares (mostly where I'm 30-something but still in HS trying to take enough classes to finally graduate). And although I'm quite happy with the daily rigors of pharmacy technician-dom, it's not my true passion. WRITING is where it's AT for me. LITERATURE is where it's AT for me. LEARNING is where it's AT for me.

So we can all say it together:
Get thee to school, young woman!

I've calculated and stressed over transfer credits and classes completed and current requirements enough to map out a relatively solid plan. Will I be a college graduate by the Summer of 2009? Only time can tell. But I am going to do everything I possibly can to make it happen.

Basic Plan:
I will complete my first 23 hours (3 don't count towards graduation/but are a req. for another class--MATH is my weakness) at a community college (still working full-time):

June & July 2007
June...BIOLOGY I (lecture and lab) (4 hrs)
July...intermediate algebra and "oral communications" (6 hrs)
August 2007-December 2007
Biology II (lecture & lab) (4 hrs) OR Foundations of Math (3 hrs)
Intro to Film (weeeee!) (3 hours)
Art Appreciation (weeeee!) (3 hours)
January 2008-April 2008
Foundations of Math (3 hrs) OR Biology II (lecture & lab) (4 hrs)
History/US to 1877 (3 hrs)

And then it's back to the University of Memphis in the summer of 2008 as a Junior for the FUN stuff (and cuting back to working part-time)!

So that's the short of it. Don't worry, you'll get the LONG version pretty much on a daily basis for here on out. You've been warned!



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