Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Foliage has everything to do with Biology:

We ended up NOT having a quiz last night in Art *I know! what?* Instead we finished our chapter and went through the book looking at different pieces and discussing them based on the terms and ideas we have learned.

One of the works we looked at was The Two Fridas (1939) by Frida Khalo. I first became very aware and interested in Frida because of the movie (2002). Not only did I see it in the theater, but I bought the DVD on the day it became available. You should at least check out the film--and maybe it will interest you in some of her work. She was a very, very unusual and strong woman.

So my "other quiz" in Lab today was postponed *I know! what?* until Thursday. But when we discussed some of the questions I realized this is a GOOD THING! I know feel a lot more comfortable.

Bio II Lab today included a lot of reading and then *drumroll* simulated gymnosperm mating...it was pretty hardcore. Just kidding! But I did learn that Seed Cones...those "Pine" Cones you can find just about anywhere are FEMALE. Basically proving that biologically FEMALES are more important because the male counterpart, the smaller Pollen Cones are a lot smaller.

Another Reason I love October:

02) Foliage. Although it's quite early (more like later this month), there is nothing like seeing all of those beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange in our tree line. When I attended UT-Knoxville, it was quite a beautiful sight to see while driving throughout the area. One day I hope to travel up North (VA, NY, CT, MA) and see some of the beautiful autumn foliage they have to offer!


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