Sunday, March 9, 2008

Welcome Back!

So, it's official.

I have been re-admitted to the
University of Memphis!

*throws confetti*

I came home from work on Friday to find an extremely snowy mailbox. Some how the door has been left open and it was filled with crystallized bacteria (did you read that report?)....

Thankfully the contents had been rescued earlier in the day & were strewn about the kitchen island. Guess what I found? A "welcome back" letter...

I have to mention my excited has an undertone of sadness because I was accepted several days PAST the "deadline" for the Adult Scholarship application. So I don't even get to imagine winning aforementioned scholarship anymore. Does anyone have a Money Tree planted in their backyard?

I do still have another scholarship application out though and it's "almost" April so keep your fingers crossed!

I applied to return this Summer. My plan is to hit the second summer session running with my first literature class in YEARS (British Lit to 1750 OR since 1750 OR American Lit to 1890). I'll probably take the first or last listed (they all are required).

I am both very nervous & excited both at the same time.



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