Monday, January 14, 2008

My (imagined) Sitcom Life:

I think there should be a rule.

When you go to the mailbox and put in something very important, there should be a soundtrack of massive applause that automatically begins to play.

Very loudly.

Yes, I realize I don’t live in a sitcom.

But that’s what I was thinking this morning when I finally sent away my first Scholarship application (ever, in the history of Janet). I heard applause and cat calls. Or maybe that was just the construction workers because I had to run to the mailbox to beat the lovely USPS truck.

Just kidding. There are no construction workers nearby, but I did have to run (or jog or shuffle along quickly) to the mailbox.

Yes, I realize I don’t live in a sitcom, but if I did there would’ve been catcalls.

So begins the anxious Mailbox Watch of 2008 because selection announcements are mailed by April 25, 2008. Goodness.

While I’m watching the mailbox, I’ll be looking for a response from the University of Memphis. I submitted my “Re-Admittance as an Adult, Transfer Student” Application this weekend as well.

I did that online though, so the fanfare happened under the watchful glow of the laptop screen.

Classes actually start tomorrow for me. It's gonna be strange being on campus two days a week instead of 4 (or 5 like Summer session). I'm mildly excited. Who am I kidding?

If this were a sitcom, you'd see the little hearts dancing above my head.



maus said...

daumen drueck!!!!!!!!
viel glueck mein kind
deine maus&ice

Allenus said...

Awesome! Mein fingers are crossed for you.


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