Sunday, March 30, 2008

Texas Two-Step?

Dear Derrick Rose, et al,

We love you too! Way to go Tigers!

The final 3 minutes of that game had to be the longest in the history of the world, am I right?

Despite the fact our beloved Tigers were never behind, I was too nervous to say anything really realize what was unfolding before my eyes until the final buzzer sounded.

I was able to pull off a “WOO HOO” everything the ball went through the hoop though.

WOO HOO count? 59
which puts Memphis with 85 points (Texas 67).

I even celebrated the victory by finally doing my Math homework (which hardly took anytime at all). I know--I'm SUCH a rebel!

Records are meant to be broke, while listening to the broadcast I learned that Memphis is only ONE WIN away from the most wins in NCAA history. WOW!

Someone coined it at the end of last season and apparently, these Tigers do remember the Alamo(dome)! How else could they fight their way back with such fire?

We’ve got another week to go until glory. Stepstep, Step (pause) Step!



Johanna said...

That ending was ridiculous. What was Rick Barnes thinking?! A friend of mine texting me and said, "Get ready for the longest 3 minutes of your life." I laughed. I mean, seriuosly, I knew they'd drag it out, but that was baaaaad. I remember at one point they inbounded at 2:04 and went to the free throw line at 2:02.


P.S. What do we do between now and Saturday?

janet said...

I HAVE TO WORK ON SATURDAY! I am going to try to do some shifting and trading and offering of favors to get off early...*dies*

So between now and Saturday I will work...concentrate on the two exams I have this week...and NOT think about basketball.

yeah right!



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