Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ramblings of a Pharmacy Technician (#3):

or Simple Helpful Tips to make your Pharmacy Experience as Wonderful as Possible (Part Three of a Series)

4) If YOU can't Read it, Maybe WE can't either.

When I was a little girl, (for a short time at least) I was interested in Archaeology. More specifically I was intrigued with the Ancient world of Egypt.

Ya know, the Pyramids, mummies, temples & tombs, pharaohs & queens and of course, hieroglyphics. Do you know where I might be going with this one yet? No?

Here it is: Never in my life did I dream I'd be able to study and interpret hieroglyphics on a daily basis (without having to excavate tombs and tunnels first).

Now I don't want to pick on doctors too much. Obviously they are very important in our society. They are our healers and perform miracle upon miracle. You can probably tell me at least 2 stories in which a doctor saved your (or a loved one's) life.

Also, we understand doctors and nurse practitioners are extremely busy people. They have large amounts of pressure and situations to deal with...

BUT the handwriting! OH the handwriting! (links to two stories about sloopy handwriting and mistakes)

And they know this...more and more offices are going to electronic prescriptions and prescribing. This makes practically everything clear & precise, not only avoiding errors but shortening YOUR wait time.

Now looking at the particular prescription UP THERE...I know the picture is a bit blurry, but I took it with my cell phone. It's an actual example of the creative handwriting we see daily. Can YOU read it?

What if I told you it was a list of three ingredients to be compounded together PLUS the directions for the patient on how to use the concoction...can you read it now? (oddly enough it seems we have more trouble with dermatologist's handwriting...)

Today's simple tip: Look at your prescription before you LEAVE the doctor's office. Feel free to ASK what they wrote (ask the nurse if you have to). It's always a good thing to have some idea what your prescription is for anyway.

If we CAN read it, we probably don't have to call the doctor's office for clarification. Then you will GET your medication faster.

Plain & Simple or Clear & Precise!


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