Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dark Horse Darcis Rocks RMK:

(or I like Alliteration)

I admit to not knowing exactly WHO Steve Darcis was (is)--until this tournament. I feel like many people can say the same thing.

But after this week, we definitely know his name, blue eyes, and serving prowess.

When asked after the championship match if it’s the "chocolate" that’s bringing about the current onslaught of great players from his country, Darcis had to laugh and offer up other suggestions, “maybe the French Fries, or maybe the beer.”

Ha Ha. Good humor translates in any language.

The 23-year old Belgian beat Spadea, Becker, Bjorkman, and Soderling along his way to the second ATP tour title of his career. His first came last summer during the Dutch Open where he not only won his first ATP match, but went on to win the title as well.

With this title under his belt, he is projected to move up to number 45 in the world according to the ATP. This is his highest ranking thus far. I look forward to following him this year and seeing if this win catapults him like it has other former winners.


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