Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Math, The Musical!

1. ~(P ^ Q) = (~P) or (~Q) to be sung: not P and Q equals not P or not Q
2. ~(P or Q) = (~P) ^ (~Q) to be sung: not P or Q equals not P and not Q

I'm picturing Julie Andrews circa
The Sound of Music or Mary Poppins...anybody? anybody?

Okay, so it doesn't really work. But it's De Morgan's Laws and now I have to add this STUFF (or another S word) to my mathematical repertoire.

I'm sure Augustus De Morgan was a wonderful guy. BUT he is really driving me nuts (not in a good way) right about now. I sat in class (after our second exam, of course) for at least an hour, with a perpetual gaze of frustration.

Basically, in logic, De Morgan's laws are rules in formal logic relating pairs of dual logical operators in a systematic manner expressed in terms of negation. (Yeah, sure, okay, whatever!)

Speaking of the Second Exam...I think I handled the Truth Tables (pun intended) rather well. I won't know for sure until next week, and you know what I think about multiple choice math exams. Who knows what will happen.

I guess I'll have to make up a song about it later.


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