Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blogging in the Dark is...

almost like Dancing in the Dark but with less Springsteen.

For a single solitary hour I am going to do my part and observe Earth Hour like millions of others worldwide.

You probably think I am breaking some rules since obviously I am using power to run my laptop—fear not. The point is to turn off THE LIGHTS and they are OFF…plus I’m UNPLUGGED.

*insert images of Bon Jovi & Wanted Dead of Alive*

Now I admit the television is ON and I am watching the second Elite 8 match up. Carolina versus Louisville. If you know me, you know who I am rooting for...and my team has nothing to do with the color red.

"Live Blogging" Thoughts:

*the keyboard on the MacBook Air has got to feel awkward
*why are the mascots lying/sitting down instead of standing up?
*would Elvis be happy with the Viva "little blue pill" commercials?
*they call Hansbrough "Psycho T"? He does have "crazy eye".

I learned this past week that my laptop will not quite make it through two History lectures without a little plug in. I ran out of power with about 10 minutes left in class on Thursday and I had to WRITE notes.

I knew I typed faster than I can write...but I had NO idea how MUCH my professor says during our lectures. I abstractly wrote about 2 pages of notes in a VERY short amount of time!

More "Live Blogging" Thoughts:

*Carolina up at the half, this is a good sign!
* Cory B. Trotz has a tan--is it "real" or spray on?
*I think Google looks better with "the lights out" anyway.

And so ends Earth Hour.


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