Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dear Lindsay Davenport:

Congratulations on winning another tournament in Memphis (of course I have to mention it’s been way too long since we last saw you here). It was a pretty good atmosphere, don’t cha think? Could you hear us talking about you all week? (US being everyone in the place!)

“Who’s up next? Lindsay?”
“I’m staying for Lindsay!”
“Did you see Lindsay last night?”

It’s as if you were our very best friend and we could NOT get enough! Was there any doubt you could not handle the fresh-faced teenagers? (I know there was, I’m not crazy) Nevertheless, you showed them & it was truly amazing to watch.

Age trumps Beauty (although you are quite beautiful and graceful too).
Experience trumps Youth (although you had a youthful step out there too).

So when did 31 become “old”? I guess we could ask Jonas Bjorkman about being almost 36-years-old and beating the up and coming American player—Donald Young on Friday. Donald's age? 18. 18+18=36, right?

Bjorkman was fantastic on Friday afternoon and then YOU followed, Lindsay. Of course Jonas fell in the Semis, but that’s okay. He was wonderful this week anyway.

I decided to wait until you won your 55th career Singles title before writing about you (a letter). Or mentioning the whole "new mom" thing either.

You especially held all the Moms in the audience captive too. I spoke to one on Friday (age 38) with two young children of her own (2-years-old, 5-months). She was actually hoping to catch all of your semi-final match before having to rush and pick up her children. Mission Accomplished.

We also talked about "rooting" for the older players (Jonas, we were cheering for you) and about turning 30 (that's me). She told me that while 30 is a big deal, it's definitely better than 20 as far as being a woman is concerned. I've heard that somewhere before...

So THANK YOU Lindsey for swooping in, letting us see your handsome little man, and playing (& winning) wonderful tennis all week long.


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