Monday, March 3, 2008

Rambings of a Pharmacy Technician (#2):

or Simple Helpful Tips to make your Pharmacy Experience as Wonderful as Possible (Part 2 of a Series)


Just because we have a Drive-Thru window, does NOT mean we're throwing out pills every 5 minutes. Your Prescription will not be done sooner if you: honk, cuss, cry, or haggle.

We care about YOU. We care about the person IN FRONT OF YOU. We care about the person BEHIND YOU.

We don't want to compromise their lives to "rush" your medication along. This is normally a "wait your turn" process. That's the only way to make it a fair and orderly.

We want to be as fair as possible. Why? Because we CARE about you.
We want to be as orderly as possible. Why? (see above for answer)

There are so many factors that go into HOW LONG it is going to take to get your prescription.

If we can't read your doctor's handwriting (I'll be sure to show you some examples soon) and we have to call and clarify something, it's going to add time to your prescription.

If someone walks up to the Pharmacy counter and asks where the "Milk" or other un-related pharmacy product is--it is going to add time to your prescription. (again, stay tuned for examples!)

If you don't have your insurance card, guess what?
If there are 15 people in front of you, guess what?
If 4 people call and ask "what time do you close," guess what?

Can we control this from happening? No.

But YOU can help us remember some of this and try not to be one of those people who calls or haggles or interrupts or forgets their insurance card (see Part 1). This affects everyone involved.


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Do you wan't fries or a coke with that Zocor :)


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