Sunday, March 30, 2008

Eye of the Tiger(s):

I am dying here. Totally dying.

Sports, Schmorts.

In less than an hour from now the "little team that couldn't" tips off in the Regional Finals in Houston. Yes, Houston. Come in, Houston.

Against Texas, yes Texas.
Hook THIS, Texas.

As always, Mr. Geoff Calkins wrote a beautiful Sports Editorial published in the Commercial Appeal today, which you can read HERE.

I understand that any college basketball team/program in the country would be quite excited about being in the Elite 8 once, but as this is our THIRD year in a row...IT has become the 5-Ton Gorilla on our collective backs (pardon the over-used expression).

We're seen as the team from the wrong side of the tracks. We're not as prestigious as North Carolina, Kansas, or Duke. We're completely blue-collar and represent the underdogs even though we're seeded FIRST in our region and have won 100+ games in 3 years. Weird, huh?

Literally, it's difficult to get any respect whatsoever!

This city has been painted BLUE for months now--Memphis BLUE. We all want this so bad, SO BAD! There is energy in the air and I can feel it AS WELL AS see it. Every single day I see people decked out in their best Memphis Blue.

I particularly like seeing our seasoned fans wearing items from YEARS ago. Complete CLASSICS on so many levels!

Okay. I just finished reading the Calkins article and I'm totally on the verge of TEARS. This is just too much to handle. May they have another first half like the one they did Friday night.

I should be studying. My stomach is in knots. I tossed & turned and turned & tossed all night. It's a completely gray day here in Memphis. It's been storming & pouring and I can NOT shake this feeling...this ELECTRIC feeling.

T I G E R S, gooooooo TIGERS!



Melissa said...

Tiger love right here!! Basketball is truly a beautiful thing. xoxo, M

Kyle said...

I'm gonna stop writing my paper to watch the game! GO TIGERS!!!!

Anonymous said...

and i cant watch the game,boohoooooooooo.hope someone will call me and let me know the out come.
go tigers go


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