Tuesday, March 18, 2008

5 x 4:

1. Tonight at the end of Math class,
2. we got our second exams back.
3. Just as I assumed I got another
4. B! But I didn't miss any of the expected problems.
5. WHY do I always flub the easy ones?

1. I found out this evening/night,
2. that my History exam was moved to April 1st--
3. while my next Math exam was revealed to be
4. scheduled for April 1st.
5. Let the STRESS begin!

1. On a whim I put ATONEMENT on the top
2. of my darling Netflix Que.
3. Guess what is scheduled to arrive tomorrow?
5. Did someone say James McAvoy?

1. Have you filled out your Tournament Bracket yet?
2. I've entered TWO separate online pools
3. (with somewhat similar choices).
4. In my imagined life, I win lots of $$$!
5. Should I share my bracket?


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