Saturday, January 23, 2010

Survival of the Bendy:

Or in my case, not-so-bendy...

Typically I blog about Thursday night Yoga on Friday morning--but I had to work "earlier" than normal on Friday (not complaining) thus the warp-up was delayed.

Big news: I survived.

But let it be known that I nearly fell over toward the end when I was introduced to a Revolved Twisting (fall on your face) Side Angle thing.

I look at it now....(GO HERE) and it seems easy enough. Or maybe it seems doable...or maybe I'm a little bit crazy--but my body said NO!

I was so In the Spirit (Yoga Drunk) after class that I logged onto Yoga Direct only to find they were having a huge sale. Bam! I need two mats, of course (especially if they are practically throwing them at you).

Yoga blankets?

"Whether you are need extra warmth and comfort in reclining or restorative postures, or for extra support in seated or kneeling poses, Yoga Blankets provide the extra cushioning, support, and warmth you need in your regular Yoga practice."


You can barely see mine in this picture, but it's black. Ya know, to pair with the new pink sticky mat...which goes with my "old" pink and black yoga mat bag.

And I have a black strap (what? a strap?) why not grab a couple hot pink ones because they are on sale...RIGHT?

And before you start baulking, the Yoga Strap is the secret tool of the not-so-bendy (me).

It helps the body/limbs get into and hold poses longer.

"They can act as a connection from one hand to another, or a foot to a hand when you are not flexible enough to reach without any help."

See? I didn't know Yoga props existed either. But in addition to the Mat, I highly recommend a strap and a block--which our class know provides, but I prefer to have my own.

(Who really wants to sweat on my sweat?)

See ya next week, Diane....See ya next week!



allison said...

"thus the warp-up was delayed."

CLEVER. Yoga...bendy...warp... I'm with ya!

Word verification: weema

janet said...

Yuk Yuk Yuk, I'm punny! (And you get that!)




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