Saturday, January 9, 2010

You! Shook Me, All Night Long:

Yes, YOU!

So a late night at Earnestine & Hazel's coupled with a bit of fiction...

turned into my latest piece over at 6S.

I had never seen this sign before (the one with the shoe) until I started searching around the 'Net.

What makes me really feel proud is when I saw a series of photos in the Oxford American several years ago and KNEW exactly WHERE they were taken.

I wanted to include something about the Soul Burgers in my little flash fiction piece, because let me tell you--the SOUL BURGERS are the best thing you'll ever eat at 1 a.m. after walking the cobblestone streets of Main with a group of friends.

I mean, that's what I've heard anyway.

I finished Little Children and have almost finished The Abstinence Teacher (both by Perrotta)...then I plan on getting back to F. Scott and working on my "other" blog a bit.

In addition to all this reading (can you tell how much I miss class?)...I want to "revisit" knitting. I started a scarf before Christmas, but got stuck when it was time to bind off.

That may sound a bit kinky, but that's what it's called when you take your work OFF the needles...

reading! knitting! yoga!



Tara Mae said...

We sound like a couple of old ladies (reading! knitting!), but at least we seem like happy old ladies!

Man, you read fast. I feel like I read abysmally slow just because I get so distracted by an author's diction and syntax. bah.

janet said...

I probably read too fast sometimes, I don't know why I am tearing through Tom Perrotta.

What's funny is that on Friday I was trying to "remember" what movie I had watched the night before--before I realized I had only read the book.

The book was so real in my mind, I thought it was a movie.

Good thing, right?



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