Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Apparently all the stars were in alignment yesterday...

the three Amigas (Js) had the day off and were able to meet for lunch.

We were lunchin' ladies at Panera--

giggling, hooting ladies "with three college degrees between us" figuring out the meaning of life, past adventures, literary heroes, sickness, and eventually coming up with an idea for a new cell phone application.


I dined on fresh mozzarella, roasted & fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and all-natural sun-dried tomato pesto on Ciabatta bread while they had half-sandwiches, salad, soup...and we all had sweet tea (delicious)...

GO TO PANERA! Try not to inhale the bakery counter before you order--I'm surprised no one has broken in and carbed-out before...or maybe they have?

I've watched three four movies since I last talked about movies too! I shall reveal in my order of "like:"

Up in the Air (George Clooney, does he EVER go out of style? Goodness Gracious! I could watch him all day long, all night long. Where is the All-George channel? YUM!)
The Invention of Lying (Opening date scene had me bent over in laughter...and realizing how many lies I tell a day...simply by omitting my thoughts!)
The Lovely Bones (A bit different from the book, but I really liked it.)
It's Complicated (Meryl Streep can do no wrong--I adore her...Steve Martin was a silver fox, but less half-naked Alec Baldwin, please.)

You can blame it on the movies, I haven't been reading--although I did lend out the two Perrotta books already.

I started a new scarf too!

I'm actually using a "made-up" mistake rib stitch pattern. But it's a "real" pattern, I just randomly decided to use it over 17 stitches instead of the traditional 27....

I'm using a larger needle--size 13 bamboo straight needles (Clover)...and "homespun" aka bulky yarn. I hope to have the patient to do the same pattern (with 27 stitches) on smaller needles soon.

Don't give me THAT look, fair reader (that one). I'm really not talking TOO Knitting jargon, am I?

Realization: I graduated from college one month ago yesterday.


p.s. is it shameless that I put a photo of George Clooney on my blog?


Kelly said...

Ha, love this post. I would love to "carb out" on all of those lovely baked goodies! :)

Tara Mae said...

I /adored/ The Invention of Lying. I just wish the rest of the movie would have held up to that.

janet said...

Thanks Kelly! :)

See, Miss Tara Mae! I knew we had more in common. :)



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