Friday, January 8, 2010

Did You Get My *fill in the blank*?

Maybe the most exhaustive thing I have ever done is apply to graduate school....

Ten graduate schools (which may have been part of the problem)…but it is frustrating when you have to depend on others to send/write letters...or institutions to send transcripts and scores.

I just had to have a university B resend transcripts today. Now, I believe the graduate program when they tell me that they received a transcript from university B for a different student who is NOT even showing up in their files.

Did B send the wrong transcripts? I will go ahead and say, “Yes.”

Now it costs money to have B send transcripts—nearly $10 PER transcript. Thanks a lot, B! Now I know how you fund your football program. I am not amused.

ALL I can do is wait.
ALL I can do is hope that every tiny bit of information arrived…

& I haven't even considered the fact that my written/creative pieces will be judged and considered by a panel of unknown professors. That hasn't even crossed my mind (until now).

And I just realized the amazing amount of poise I must have to not be worried about the judging process. Am I nuts? These are my hopes & dreams in written form!

The work stands on its own.

The work can stand on its own!

Just tell me everything else arrived, please.


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