Saturday, January 9, 2010

"I Have Doubts."

I used to watch movies via Netflix like breathing air. Three to four movies a week, whenever I had a couple hours to spare.

It's been a while since I've had the time to spare...

But now it's time to catch up!

I started this evening with DOUBT (2008)--

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!

I felt as if I was watching a parable written by Hawthorne...of course it turns into something he probably wouldn't have written.

Or maybe he would've. He was rather progressive, and seemed to want to expose certain cultural things (mainly the falsehood of the Salem Witch Trials)--

I like a good "thinking" movie. And I've never wanted to smash Meryl Streep in the face so much in my life!

What an amazing actress she is--there are no words to really express it. All the awards, all the accolades are well-deserved.

"You just don't like him! You don't like it that he uses a ballpoint pen. You don't like it that he takes 3 lumps of sugar in his tea. You don't like it that he likes Frosty the Snowman and you are letting that convince you? Of something that's terrible... Just terrible..." Sister James

But can one be wrong if they are strong in their convictions--even if their convictions are wrong?

I feel like a nerdy Carrie Bradshaw asking the question, but I will let it fester here (and probably use it in a story sometime in the near future).



Tara Mae said...

I watched the play version when I was in college and absolutely fell in love with it. It's so tense and delicious!

But, for some reason, I stopped the movie version halfway through watching it. I think I was too hyped up on coffee to sit still and appreciate it. I'll have to watch it again..

Anonymous said...

A kid came in to be tutored and had written a paper about this - it was really well-written and we spent so much time just talking about the movie. I can't wait to watch it!

janet said...

Tara, it does take a lot of concentration--one of those films with subtle (meaningful) actions and intense dialogue.

A! Did they talk about light/dark at all? Or allegories to Hawthorne or maybe The Crucible? Those are things I thought about off the top of my head after watching. Lemme know how it goes for you.


Anonymous said...

Light and dark, yes. I think also how the characters played off of each other, maybe tension and then not so much? And how there wasn't actually a climax to the movie, because there was so much tension throughout, no final scene "took your breath away". So I had an undergrad (aka underage) hottie in my office while saying the words "climax" and "take your breath away"... AWKward.

janet said...

Awkwardly awesome!

I could name a few climactic scenes--two come to mind right off the bat. Yes, it would be hard to pinpoint JUST one though.



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