Thursday, January 21, 2010

KK, PP* K last Stitch:

I don't think this picture really does "it" justice.

I call "it" my "twisted sunset" scarf...I put it on stitch holder so I could wear it around...and get the full effect.

it needs to be longer, of course.

But it's "cute" for something I "created" myself.

Yes? No? (the answer is YES!!)

The yarn is actually called "sunset" (or something similar, I'm not THAT creative)...HA!

Regular knitting isn't keeping my mind happy any more. I need something more complex. This only means I'm going to have to take a class...or get to a yarn store ASAP!

Related Websites I Love: Knitty & Yarn Harlot (I have all of her books! I want to knit socks!)

This alongside "at-home" yoga has kept me busy today. I have an actual class later tonight and since it's been A MONTH since I attended--you may never hear from me again.

*puff puff puff*

I'm not kidding. And don't give me that side look--two classes fell on Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve (therefore they didn't happen)...then it was minus 12 degrees and then I was SICK!

*trying not to psyche myself out of yoga*

I heard from a former classmate today. He asked if I'd be interested in workshopping his upcoming story (he graduates in May). YES! I think I screamed YES! (in text message form) within 5 seconds...really.

So I can't wait to cut my teeth on that--and maybe it will kick me into editing mode. I have two of my own stories to work on from last semester. It may be time to revisit them.

Maybe I should locate my yoga mat now?


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