Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This is how I "do" Sick:

Phenylephrine. (check)

Ibuprofen. (check)

Guafenesin. (check)

Chlorpheniramine. (check)

Tyler Florence. (check)

And hot showers. And a box of tissues. And a lot of sleep.

Maybe I should really say, "sleep" because it's with the light on and the TV softly talking in the background.

Today it was the Food Network.

Tyler was busy making me Chicken Noodle Soup (he knew I wasn't feeling well) with Grilled Cheese featuring a homemade pesto sauce...

& brownies (sprinkled with powdered sugar).

Yes. Tyler even made brownies, and maybe it was the medication swirling around my system, or the low-grade fever--but I swear I could taste the food. Or maybe smell the food. Or maybe I was half-asleep with my Tyler Florence fantasy.

I also remember Guy making his Kitchen Sink Salad too...but then it was back to Tyler. Was he on all day? Maybe just in my head.

My drug-induced, fever-ridden head.

Not the worst way to spend the day, except for the sick (not at work, head-pounding, snotty) part.



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