Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mot Juste*

So yes, I went to the “second edition” bookstore this afternoon....


I see you looking at me with those eyes—but I was already on my way to pick up my “lost” phone at the movie theater and I had about 30 minutes to kill…

There it was: Tender is the Night NOT The Great Gatsby in the literature section.

I almost made a “YIPPEE” noise (which would’ve scared the volunteers behind the desk, but I digress)…in my almost 8 months of “second edition” book-buying, I have yet to come across an “annotated” edition of Tender. And whoever owned it previously, did a lot of underlining.

I was as giddy (obviously) as a schoolgirl.
I also picked up Save the Last Waltz by Zelda Fitzgerald too! I think they knew I was coming, because those two books alone made my day! Thanks for mentioning it to me Ms. Tara Mae!

Then there was the Poetry Handbook filled with definitions and explanations of devices--the "instructor's edition" of two writing rules handbooks (spiral bound, oh yeah)...and the Disheveled Dictionary for fun!

I know you're still making faces at me or trying to burn my brain with your eyes!

I got my phone back--it was still operational (hadn't run out of juice) and thankfully when I removed the mini SD card, all my pictures (and songs) transferred to my new phone.


*mot juste: exactly the write word or phrasing (in this case it might be bookworm, word-soaker, word-lover, nerd, smartie college girl...)

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