Sunday, January 17, 2010

Super Grover!

Beware friends...
I remembered how to bind off today--

I just grabbed my needles (and the extremely long, fluffy, and sparkly blue scarf attached to them) and just did it.


Now I don't know WHERE exactly I'll wear a scarf that appears to be knit from Grover...(with sparkles) but that doesn't matter, does it?

I guess you already know that I survived my mega sickness of 2010...

My chest still hurts a bit, but I've returned to work (and have watched a lot less Food Network lately, sorry Tyler).

Remember my Tom Perrotta reading adventures? They are currently complete. I finished The Abstinence Teacher yesterday during lunch. This means I am going to get back to the F. Scott Fitzgerald project relatively soon.

Oh?! What's that? My friend Tara MAE decided to start a reading project (us nerds have to stick together)...which involves reading an entire catalog of a single author's work and living to blog about it.

It's my own personal way of "staying" a student while I am technically not one.

Which reminds me, to all the college students out there--going to class on a daily basis--I am so extremely jealous right now, I think my insides are turning green (could be all the salad or the Absinthe, JUST KIDDING).

But aside from all the reading, I haven't written a dang thing since I finished my last "teaching statement" for graduate school.

Maybe I am saving up all the words for something important or beautiful or maybe I just need to start pouring out my heart again before I forget how to...

Just a thought.


p.s. And he's cute too! (Super Grover!) <---This episode reminds me of the time I followed a boy home from school and got so lost I couldn't find my way home. The older and wiser boy (third-grader) had to take me (first grader) back home (thank goodness I was friends with his sister). No, I didn't just make that story up. Really!


Anonymous said...

so you were even a stalker in childhood...

Tara Mae said...

ha! we're friends! (except it's Tara Mae. Tara can't go anywhere without its best buddy Mae!)

Glad you are over your sickness.

You know, I do not write over breaks either. I don't know what it is. I do send my stuff out a lot though. Maybe our management sides take over?

janet said...

Do forgive me Tara was post-sickness forgetfulness (and thank you).

Stephanie--you're my sister, you know these things!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know it went that far back!


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