Saturday, November 24, 2007

“We are mysterious creatures, aren't we?"

Danes, Collette, Redgrave, Richardson, Streep, Close--OH MY!

The list of actresses who grace the screen during EVENING is both stunning and scary all at the same time.

Stunning? You saw the list of names, right?

Scary? Can one movie handle all the collective power and beauty--yes! I say YES! Many critics have gone the opposite direction however; and consider the movie SLOW and too emotional. Pshaw!

I loved The Hours & The Notebook and this one conjures visions of both. Therefore, if you liked either of them, you will be able to handle this one nicely. (Oddly enough--all three films are adapted from novels)

So why am I talking about EVENING all of a sudden? I bravely decided to switch films for my analytical film paper one week before the due date. Sorry, Pan's Labyrinth--but you left me uninspired. I couldn't write a thing about you and to keep from stressing over the situation any longer I had to CHANGE!

Am I done with my paper yet? As if! However, I'm securely on my way.

Bio II: only 1 Lab & 1 Lecture left (this week) then 1 lab exam, 1 lecture exam (next week)

Papers remaining: 1 substantial, (after my Film paper) I have to write about one specific piece of Art--I'm leaning toward a Waterhouse.

In other news, I've registered for the Spring Semester. Only two classes this time around because one I need is not available. But we'll discuss that in depth at a later date.


p.s. this is my 100th Student: Revisited blog post!

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mia said...

i cant wait for once to come out. it comes out in just over 2 weeks and you have to see it. you'll watch it and gush and i will have someone to talk about the movie with.

its the little things that keep me happy !


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