Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Beat Goes On...

*insert a super cheesy duet by Sonny & Cher here*

So it's Tuesday and I already feel as if I've run out of time...on Tuesday.

Art last night was pretty interesting and eye-opening. We added another chapter under our belt (Africa, Oceania, and the Americas). I didn't realize the Pyramid of the Sun built in Teotihuacan (South America) is actually wider than anything in Egypt. It blows my mind when seeing the expert but functional art which is soooooooooo old.

In Bio II this morning we actually looked at specimens of Cartilaginous and Bony Fishes along with many members of the Rodentia family. It was a far cry from our last Lab (don't get me started)!

Fun Facts from Lab:
*If a shark swims up on you...hold absolutely still!
*if you must, and only if you must KNOCK it in the nose as hard as possible

*Rodents encompass the largest single group of mammals and their teeth NEVER stop growing!
*members of Rodentia include: Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Beavers
*Rabbits are NOT Rodents, they have extra pair of incisors

Don't ask me about that paper due tomorrow, that's what the hours from 9pm to midnight are for tonight...FINISHING IT!


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