Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Perfect Storm:

actually, it's more like "The Perfect Sick"

(this post is unofficially brought to you by my new best friend, Kleenex)

This is Day 3 of full-blown nasty sickness, and it's the worse by far. Head Congestion + Chest Congestion = Sore Throat. I am around just this sort of thing nearly every single day because of where I work. And the first few years I worked in a pharmacy, I caught everything. Over the last few years though, it seemed as if I was immune to it all.

Not so fast! I forgot to factor in the immune system run ragged since May (when I started back to school) and the crazy schedule I have undertaken.
Maybe that's why Mr. "Congestion" was able to crawl into my head and attack before I knew what hit me?!?!?

I attended class last night—we screened CRASH (which I had seen before, such a good film), but today—sorry. No Bio II lecture for me.

Speaking of CRASH, I think it's time to nap! I've been drinking hot tea (peppermint) ever since finally deciding to get out of bed. It's time to go back.


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Anonymous said...

feel better, dear student!!!


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