Wednesday, November 14, 2007

(stating the obvious)

It's difficult to catch up when you've gotten behind.

So I've returned from the Island of Misfit Sick (or toys, right? name THAT seasonal flick!). I feel very close to "normal" and it seems as if it's been ages since I last updated my blog.

Let me catch you up:

Saturday: I worked
Sunday: I worked on school work (I even decided upon and watched a film for my final paper for film class: Pan's Labyrinth)
Monday: went to Nashville, saw a show
Tuesday: came back home, went to work

Tonight in Film we watched Wild Strawberries (Ingmar Bergman) and discussed "classic Hollywood cinema" and various film theories. Thank goodness for the Film Theory discuss because now I'll be able to think about Pan's Labyrinth more effectively.

I disagree with about 97% of the population who has actually seen the movie. Yeah, I'm odd.

Biology Update: Placoza =Trichoplax, Porifera = Sponges, Ctenophora = comb jellies (invertebrates, baby!)

Art Update: I am writing about Renoir's The Picture Book for my second Gallery visit paper. It's available for viewing locally at The Dixon (as I've mentioned a million times in this blog).

Finals are in less than a month!


p.s. Did I mention the dream in which Oprah was my boss? Yeah. I'll save it for a rainy day.


Laura said...

Oh Janet! I'm sorry you were so sick! And what a schedule! Lucky you're so young and can take that kind of pace, unlike the rest of us...

Just like you caught up on The Office, I just caught up with Janet.

What are you doing for thanksgiving?

Oh and did you know I just got back in touch with a friend of mine who lives in Nashville and who has a KNITTING BLOG? I believe it's called


janet said...

Thanks LZ!

I bet The Office is more Exciting than The Janet, but I appreciate you keeping tuned.

I completely adore your illustrated blogs! AND I definitely know Mason Dixon Knitting (and wish I had their book)!


I need to send you an email.




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