Sunday, November 4, 2007

It keeps you running...

I feel completely lazy this morning for two good reasons:

1) "Falling back" via the big, happy clock that seems to run our lives...


2) I'm not one of the thousands upon thousands of people running in the ING New York City Marathon

BUT...and get this:

I have a friend (check her training blog) who is participating in the Marathon today! She is so inspirational on so many levels, so I will be thinking of her until she reaches the FINISH line.

Update: Maureen has pasted the 15K (9.321 mile) mark! You can track individual athlete's progress on the site, because they wear electronic chips in their shoes. Go Maureen, GO!

I have to study the Baroque Art period today and hopefully write my second "Gallery" paper (based on one of the permanent works in the Dixon Gallery). Fun Times!

I finished the second season of The Office last night and I love Jim even more! WOW! (It's so much fun to be caught up in a television show again)


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