Friday, November 16, 2007

"Things are gonna change so fast..."


the day I walked into my Bio II lecture classroom only to find a brand new PERMANENT professor.

For those paying attention at home, we only have FIVE more classes (3 lab, 2 lecture) before Finals. And Yesterday I walked in to discover a new professor to "take us home," so to speak.

Our original professor had to have surgery and now we are in semi-flux. I have complete confidence in the department, everything will be okay.

So we've jumped over invertebrates and find ourselves completely immersed in phylum Chordata (aka the vertebrates aka more familiar territory).

Our new professor is also a Ph.D and apparently was a zookeeper at one point, so this should be fun. Honestly! I even learned a couple new and exciting animal facts!

My brain is a sponge--mostly filled with names and dates and faces along with the ability to recall scenes from various films and obscure 70s song lyrics.

Now I have to clear a section for "animal trivia."

Watch out potential Trivial Pursuit opponents!


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