Monday, November 5, 2007

"Mona Lisa of the North"


The Girl with the Pearl Earring (as pictured here in its most current restorative state) is one of Jan Vermeer's masterworks. So little is actually known about this painting and the artist, the mystery has inspired both a novel and a movie (based on the novel).

It's one of the pieces and artists I am going to discuss tonight while "teaching" the Baroque Art period.

Also up for discussion is Caravaggio, Rubens, and two sculptures by Bernini (David and The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa). But after some research, my favorite artist of the period has got to be Vermeer.

I didn't know I would be so interested in this particular period when it was first assigned to me. All I thought was the paintings were very dark with rich, jewel toned colors.

Now I can see the light and shadow techniques and both understand & appreciate the movement.

Wow! What a perfectly wonderful GEEK OUT!



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