Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Many Blessings to Felix, Smiley, & Wally:

I went into my Bio II Lab today, not exactly sure what to expect. About 2 minutes into class, Dr. Jennings had on gloves and was pulling out a cat for dissection. Fabulous. It’s the smell more than anything that really bothers me about this part of Biology. At least they don’t use formaldehyde for preservation anymore.

Cats & Rats, oh my!

Call me a hippie, but I found time to thank the animal(s) for allowing me to view their body for the purpose of science. (I secretly named our class cat Felix and our group rat Smiley) I can understand the purpose for animal research, but I still don't understand the whole "dissection" in basic biology classes.

I’d prefer an alternative to dissection, but it wasn’t an option today. And we won’t have to do this again…only take a practical lab exam in which identifying and labeling parts is required.

Vegetarian? Yeah, I'm thinking more and more about it.

Bless you Marlon W. Morgan, but the headline to your article today about the Grizzlies winning (way to go!!!!) conjures up imagines...I can't discuss here.

Griz jump on weary Sonics early

Ladies (in case all the NBA trading leaves your collective heads spinning--it does mine), Wally Szczerbiak plays for the Sonics now. You understand, right? I'm sure his wife does!

No more class until after Thanksgiving. No more class until after Thanksgiving! This means I have to continue on with the dreadful Film analytical review paper.

As if I have a problem stating my opinion?


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mia said...

there HAS to be an alternate to dissection, its the law.


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