Friday, November 9, 2007

Part Deux:

So what does one do after leaving work 8 hours early?


Liquids are my life. There has been plenty of soup, Campbell’s® soup, to be more precise in my sickness experience. Then there is the Ocean Spray. Alongside plenty of hot peppermint tea and you have my Happy Diet of Sickness:

Healthy Request® Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla Soup
Soup At Hand Chicken with Mini Noodles (25% less sodium)
Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice
Ocean Spray Light Cran-apple Juice

Notice the word HAPPY. I am far from HAPPY, but all of these aforementioned products have helped to make my world as happy as possible.

Yeah. Fun Times.

And the perfect television to sleep to? Food Network. They are currently full force into the Thanksgiving season and that's always fun to wake-up/sleep/wake-up/sleep cycle to.

Rachael Ray is making a 60-minute Thanksgiving dinner and I need to go back to bed. Someone is scheduled to work tomorrow. Guess who that is?



Gwendolen Gross, author of THE OTHER MOTHER said...

aw, feel better!
My son's home sick today, too. All he wants is hot chocolate. No good for the stomach or throat over there, or maybe you need some, too?
Me, I'm having a bout of wanting only to KNIT. But I can't. I have to do other things. I don't even get to zone out on the couch with the sweater I'm making for said boy after dinner, because I have chorus. Oh well. I DID choose it, after all...want to come write with us?

janet said...

you're too wonderful and sweet (and I just finished a mug o' hot chocolate!)...

I'm actually FINALLY back to "almost" normal and I'd love to come KNIT and or WRITE and or make dinner!

Thanks GG!



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