Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a little Verklempt!

So I got my algebra exam back today and I could barely croak out my score when asked by the ladies that sit around me. (I'm gonna miss them!) So I had to write it down. "+1". (My professor writes down the points out of 100 missed...so my first exam was a -5 aka 95%)


I actually only missed 1 point after switching to ink (and I got all of the bonus points)...and the silly points I missed (in pencil) were kinda embarrassing. Example: I know 20/5 (20 divided by 5 is FOUR but I decided to write 5 instead)...*insert laughter here*

So the moral of that story is....if it isn't broke, don't fix it. I might have to do my next exam in ink as well. Or maybe not.


Today in my Oral Comm class I felt as if I was on the show: Who's Line is it Anyway? You know the part near the end of the show where the comedians get random objects and have to come up with a new and interesting (and funny) use for said random item.

Well, we were divided into groups and given everyday kitchen tools and we picked our "audience" out of a bowl and then we had to formulate a persuasive speech (and present it) and the class had to decide WHO our "audience" the speech was directed toward...

Our group had to give a speech to "medical workers" (nurses, doctors, etc.) and we had these really red, really plastic set of salad tongs. So we turned our salad tongs into the newest surgical device that can be used in place of several operating instruments. It was the "3-in-1 sterile scissor scooper 2007 deluxe" or something like that and tried to "sell" it to our "medical audience."

Pretty cool! I'm gonna miss my Oral Comm class as well.


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