Monday, July 16, 2007

I have survived:

This morning I was running a little behind...and when I got into my car I noticed something I haven't seen in a while: my GAS LIGHT! What? When did I get so low on fuel? Between class everyday and working 6 days in a row I somehow forgot to pay attention to something as basic as my fuel gauge!


I rushed toward campus making mental notes of all the gas stations I would pass. As I pulled into the one I assumed would be the quickest to hit--danger, danger! They were working on something and I didn't even notice all the orange cones. WHOOPS!

So I had to back up and maneuver around, to get to another station (across the street). I noticed the time and knew I was DEFINITELY going to be late at this point. PANIC! At the pump I slide my debit card and tried to punch in the appropriate numbers but I was declined...TWICE! I couldn't read the screen for all the sunlight. I hurriedly found 5 single dollars and ran inside, waited in line, paid and then quickly fueled up. Thankfully I hit all the lights correctly but I was still almost TEN minutes late!

ALGEBRA EXAM! I was late on an EXAM day?

Our classroom is divided into two sections, one half with computers and one half where every one sits. I had to sit with the computers (as to not disturb anyone)...I was as quiet as a mouse, but it still took me about 2 minutes to calm down and get to it.

I know all the homework and studying I did (several hours yesterday) paid off because I felt very comfortable with the material. I hope we get our work back tomorrow! I am really looking forward to my score.

Which leads me to MY FIRST SPEECH!

After FINALLY deciding upon a topic (literally less than 12-hours before class) I woke up, and constructed a key word outline (to be turned in) rather quickly. So between my exam and my speech I had 1.5 hours to decide what exactly I wanted to say. I wrote out a mock speech in the library. I read the speech (and timed myself) a few times before actually going into the bathroom and performing in front of the mirror...SEVERAL times. Thankfully no one came in (confirming my madness).

While walking to class I came across the woman who was set to give her speech right before mine. I stopped and talked to her (we were both very nervous). She was waiting for a friend to come and listen to her, but that friend was running late and I offered to be her audience instead. She was worried about the length so I even timed her. I really think this helped us BOTH!

I got a little less nervous, but when we got to class and it was time for me to go--I could hear my heart pounding in my ears! But I made the class laugh a little when the Professor called my name (I was third) and I promptly said (completely nervous) "Uh, No!" The Professor said, "That's one way to get it out, laughing will work!" (talking about getting over the fear)

I made my way to the podium, completely confident in my words, but scared to death nevertheless. I looked out into the audience and took a few deep breaths and began.


I know what I wanted to say, I know what was written on my key word outline. I know I hit every point but I don't really recall actually speaking. Don't ask me to repeat myself, I can't. Is that weird? I kept eye contact with different people around the room, I started using my hands so it was very natural and conversational. About halfway through I had to stop, breath and then continue. I heard the "thunderous" round of applause when I finished.

BUT I won't really know HOW I was graded until TOMORROW.

That all said, I am QUEEN OF THE WORLD today.

How was your Monday?



mia said...

see, i think you need to video speeches so us in netland can see too !

janet said...

Thanks for that...because I just about laughed so hard coffee ALMOST came shooting out my nose!

(in other words, HECK NO!)



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