Friday, July 6, 2007


01) I set my alarm clock incorrectly last night. It was set for 7:30PM instead of 7:30AM.

02) I realized this fact at 8:40AM when I woke up, looked at the clock--let out an expletive and stumbled to the shower.

03) I arrive on campus at 9:21AM after consuming NO COFFEE or food (don't worry, Buttercup got her complete breakfast--priorities, people!)

Elapsed Class time 9:25-11:10AM

04) I enter the library at 11:12AM with several pages of Algebra NOTES (yes, NOTES) and start on my first section of homework (yes, homework)

05) I rush into my Oral Comm class at 11:48AM with two minutes to spare. Fabulous! Class was less stressful than yesterday, maybe I'll manage.

Elapsed Class time 11:50-1:15PM (we got out early)

06) Arrive home before 1:35pm, and enjoyed my first cup o' coffee of the day and a quick lunch (and I brushed Buttercup, put ointment in her ears and gave her a monthly Heartguard Plus treat--again, priorities!)

07) I got online just in time to "Watch" Andy Roddick lose his Quarterfinal match at Wimbledon. Five sets, he won the first two, lost the last two in tie breaks and then lost the final set 6-8. (refrained from tears, it was a tough match!) OH! And Justine Henin (the number one women's player in the world) lost as well. Wow!

This is my Friday. I leave for Five hours of "Work" soon enough.



Marlene said...

you have really long days. i would be exhausted. i dont know how you do it.

janet said...

I just use my super powers! Thanks for commenting M!



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