Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Rain in Spain does what?

So here I sit: at the library on campus waiting for my second class to begin.

Class one is done. (or technically the first class of class one is done)

Algebra may not be the most horrible thing ever, but that is my first impression give me time to look through the textbook. Our professor seems to have a handle on the subject and seems very intent on doing whatever it takes to see us through equations and exponents. We will go over 8 chapters (roughly 2 chapters per week) over the next 5 weeks. We took a department pre-assessment test sans calculator before leaving and I felt comfortable with at least half of it. WOO!

Brain don't fail me now.

Wimbledon 2007! Has anyone been paying attention? Apparently the rain in Spain falls mainly in England during the months of June and July NOT "the plain" as previously thought.

Poor Rafael Nadal (aka The Pirate--his pants during this tournament are actually shorter than they have been and could almost be considered "normal" tennis shorts) started a match on Saturday and due to numerous rain delays had to wait until yesterday to wrap it up! Of course he has already completed his 4th round match today and will be taking on Djokovic in the Quarters.

I wanted to "watch" Andy Roddick's match this morning via updates on my super mobile but it has been suspended due to rain. It hasn't even started yet!

Venus Williams is into the Semi-Finals already. It's just really neat to watch a Grand Slam event knowing that I've actually SEEN some of the competitors LIVE and in action (via the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships at the Racquet Club in February).

Time to go and hyperventilate before Oral Communications. Rambling about Tennis, YES! Public Speaking? Um, no.


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