Saturday, July 21, 2007

work work work work:

I know it's a good thing to wake up at about the same time EVERY day (even on a day off) but I was still a little upset when my eyes flung open before 8 this morning.

Now the term day off is just about as misleading as saying "Oxycontin isn't really THAT addictive" (I am so impressed with this outcome and I hope the drug is somehow reclassified because even with my limited--13 year--pharmacy experience I think it's prescribed WAY TOO MUCH) but I digress.

Even though I am not going to school or work I have a lot of school-work (and work-work to do).

1) My second speech. What? Already? This one will be longer and requires research but it isn't due until it's getting pushed to the back of the pile for the moment (plus I already have an idea for it, think pharmacy).

2) My second algebra exam is MONDAY. Seriously? Somewhere around 10:45am Friday morning my poor little brain hit a numerical wall with a resounding THUD! I had been speeding right along with complete joy and then it happened. My algebraic confidence level has been knocked about a bit. I am not amused.

3) A essay about the Media is also due this Thursday (for oral comm since we are currently in the "electronic age"). This should be pretty easy for me to complete because we all know how I love to see myself type (and I get to refer to THIS very blog!).


4) Tomorrow evening I am responsible for the happy bellies of several important women. It's one of my best friend's baby shower! Her first child should be arriving in the next 14 days but not before she gets a chance to be surrounded by a lot of the people who love her dearly.

I WANTED to be in charge of the food, I am not complaining. But WOW! Scary and excited! We've discussed the menu and I'll be formulating a shopping list and hitting Sam's Club soon enough.

Zesty-Herb Citrus Glaze? Lemon Marinade? WHAT in the world am I going to marinade my chicken in? I can't just buy something (dietary restrictions) but I get to make one (or two) instead! These WILL be the greatest Chicken Kabobs in the History of the World.

(photos to follow?)


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