Sunday, July 8, 2007


1) Good Hair vs The Pirate
2) after 5 sets, the hair had it.
3) Federer won his 5th Wimbledon title IN A ROW
4) He even changed into white trousers, and a white vest & jacket ON THE COURT and looked so fresh and so clean, clean after the almost 4-hour match.
5) Tennis players always amaze me.

1) Live Earth, yo.
2) I learned a lot of things I wasn't aware of...
3) example: UNPLUG YOUR CHARGERS when not in use!
4) (we're even recycling all the stock bottles at work now)
5) I think I've found a topic for my persuasive speech.

1) I watched CAN'T BUY ME LOVE (1987)
2) and was reminded of "high fashion" from decades ago!
3) so Patrick Dempsey has always had lovely hair,
4) but even McDreamy got better with age...

1) This is a bit premature,
2) we've only had two class meetings BUT
3) I absolutely ♥ ♥ my Algebra Professor, like for !
4) why has nobody ever taught math like this before?
5) I am in the midst of a Mathematical Epiphany.



Marlene said...

i learned quite a bit while watching live earth too. ive read a lot of people's very snarky comments about it, but i not only found new music i LOVE but i also am doing several things different around our already green house.

i dont know ANYONE who knew about the chargers! we unplugged honestly about a half a dozen here.

janet said...

Yeah. I actually got a little weepy during LIVE EARTH (the beginning of the NBC broadcast where they had the children talking, OMG!)

Most people I have talked to are really interesting in being "green" but I've heard the comment "if only it were more convient..." yeah, it might take a second to unplug something or refill your water bottle BUT it's not hard.

I am trying to research a few easy, easy tips to share in the form of a persuasive speech for class.

You're awesome!


Allenus said...

Good hair always wins. I'm glad you are getting along with algebra.


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