Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday afternoon and all is well:

I started a "new thing" this week, around 9:20 every morning right before entering my Algebra classroom, I quickly send a text message to as many people as possible about my impending challenge:

Tuesday morning: "I love the smell of Algebra in the AM"

Wednesday morning: "Algebra is my Sunshine!"

this morning: "Algebra rocks my world!"

The responses I've received from my seemingly simple messages has been outstanding! My friends KNOW how I feel about math. YOU know how I feel about math. I am trying to change my mind. Yes, I am trying to CHANGE my own mind! (and make others laugh along with me)

I've challenged myself to see Algebra as something MORE than really scary numbers and letters. I have been tripping over them since elementary school, so you might understand my fear. Guess what? IT IS WORKING! I am getting pretty good at this stuff. I am queen of my own Algebra world! If I had the bow of a ship available right now I'd be hollering at the top of my lungs!


And I am feeling a bit more confident about the public speaking too. I think. Maybe. It's coming to me...ideas are forming. Words are asking to be freed from my mouth (as opposed to "just" my fingertips). I'll be behind the podium in less than 24 hours talking about an assortment of items which represent myself. This should be fun!


p.s. My furry child has had a rough week. Buttercup's had an "upset tummy" with lovely messy side effects. It appears we're on the road to recovery. YESH!

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