Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Two speeches down, one to go!

*insert much celebration here*

Before I gave my informative speech today (on "Why" you have to show your ID to purchase Pseudoephedrine products) I was practicing in an unknown, empty room in the same building my class meets in. I was, literally, reading over my key-word outline and timing myself when I felt something warm trickling from my nose.

Yes. I was so extremely nervous I got gave myself (?) a nose bleed.

Now I don't know all the medical "stuff" behind it, and I assume I was so "nervous" and with all of my "deep breathing" my nasal passages were just very dry and that's how it all happened--maybe? But it happened!

I rushed to find a bathroom and in the matter of seconds it had stopped. But now I was so focused on my nose bleed I really didn't have time to be nervous about the impending speech. Maybe this all worked toward my advantage.

My speech went off without any serious problems. I actually came very close to running over the time limit and left out a pretty important detail. Luckily when I finished the class was so into my speech they wanted to discuss my information and I got to answer questions and give the information I accidentally left out!

I didn't know I would get such a large response. I'm glad I did, apparently I picked a good topic and everyone trusted my information and delivery enough to ask questions (not questioning my information--but questions they personally had about the subject).

*insert more celebration here*

But now the celebration stops because I have to conquer Quadratic Equations tonight. No rest for the weary, right?



Unknown said...

if people wanted to hang around after to chat then you must have did an awesome job! yay you !

i have entered the security code 3 times to post this puppy lol

janet said...

I appreciate you entering the code several times! :o)

I got my grade back and it was a 96% and it was mentioned that I make a "great connection" with my audience!




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