Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Final Count Down!

It's Wednesday night and I am trying to recover from:

(the first of the month equals lotsa prescriptions in the world of pharmacy and we have inventory tomorrow, fun times!)
(I was given study guides for both of my finals and I've hit panic mode,
which doesn't really suit me!)

First and foremost, the study guide for the Algebra Final (which is actually created by the department and NOT my professor)...really made my brain hurt. ESPECIALLY since it's multiple choice and for some reason, a multiple choice math exam does nothing but confuse me. Seeing ALL of the problems together from the "semester" is a bit overwhelming.

The Final for Oral Comm should be manageable BUT with another speech looming (there's actually a Final speech AND a Final Exam), I've become exceedingly nervous. I "know" what I want to do, but somehow everything is getting jumbled up and coming out incorrectly.

The only thing that can make me smile right now is the thought of Elvis Week:



El Escritor said...

I didn't care much for the new Elvis Reeses.

janet said...

really? I thought it wasn't bad! At least you tried it, awesome!



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