Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Equipment Failure:

Picture it, Yesterday, during my Algebra Exam:

I was moving right along, solving linear and quadratic equations like a pro! The Quadratic Formula and I were having a very deep and meaningful relationship when BAM! Equipment Failure!

My trusty purple mechanical pencil died. It just couldn't take all the numerical madness anymore. I started rustling about for another pencil or lead or something to get me out of this unexpected place. I didn't want to interrupt anyone but I couldn't find another pencil. Before complete panic set it, I turned to INK.

Now I've been doing all of my classwork and homework in INK, nothing new there. But all of a sudden I was second guessing myself. Then I got to last 20 percent of the exam where I had to solve, formulate and graph two equations...IN INK...the first one went well, but I completely messed up on the second and had to use WHITE OUT to erase incorrectly plotted points.

TRAGEDY! *insert the Bee Gees here*

I won't find out how I did for a couple more hours. I'm trying NOT to worry too much about it.

Also I paid tuition for the Fall semester yesterday (after the exam and before my second class). I even wandered around the bookstore briefly to get an idea about the cost of required books. I might actually try the whole "used text books" phenomenon on Amazon.com thing this time around.


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