Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saturday #1

So today I finally passed the extra credit, extra long multiple choice quiz for Chapter 2. *insert theme from Rocky here* I whooped and hollered...wait for it...wait for it: then I promptly realized there are TWO MORE chapters to this first Exam (date: Thursday). OH SUDOKU!

Mitochondria? Endoplasmic Reticulum? Parts of a cell, anyone? I remember drawing and labeling a "cell" back in high school, but I think it was just a wee bit less complicated. Growl.

Perfect Distractions:

1) I watched the Neely's on Paula's Party (Food Network) last night and was completely enamored with them. AND they are from Memphis (as you know)! I was so proud and excited! I'm pretty sure I dreamt about BBQ Spaghetti.

2) Cranbeary is out and about again! Yay! Thank goodness she has healed and the Memphis Zoo even had a Polar Bear cam now where you can check out all the action.

3) Going shopping with Mom and running into an old friend (the one who has been on my case about going back to college ever since I can remember--I'd like my coffee now).

4) Anything in a Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream container...SINFUL! Have you tried the new Cinnamon Buns? I really recommend you do, the sooner the better.

5) Mary Mallon aka Typhoid Mary. Do to the whole international scandal of the "TB GUY" and a spirited conversation at work, I had to rush home to find out everything I possibily could on this fascinating person. Crazy!

I guess I should get back to labeling the parts of a cell now. Oh Joy, Oh Rapture!


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